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Hallandale Beach Attractions

Hallandale Beach is host to a whole slew of restaurants, hotels, and activities to do both downtown and along the famed boardwalk. Hallandale Beach restaurants offer some of the greatest cuisine this side of the state. Hallandale Beach hotels offer competitive rates and you’re sure to find a booking near the heart of it all. Take a day trip to the Beach Club Hallandale and check out the views in one of their competitively priced condominiums. It’s situated right amidst the action on the boardwalk, so you’ll have prime access to beautiful sights and a multitude of things to do with your loved ones during your stay in Hallandale and all within walking distance.

What to do in Hallandale

Hallandale Beach offers air tours for a low price. You can get a scope of the area from above and snap some pictures to map out where exactly you would like to go before committing your time to the journey. If floating around hundreds of feet in the air isn’t your style, there are plenty of ground tours available to scout out the area and get some insight into the history of the area, for all those history buffs. Dance clubs and discos litter the boardwalk and come to life at night. You can try out a martini bar and have a good time walking along the beach in the evening, watching the setting sun crest over the distance of the sea.


Trying to find the right eatery that fits within both your budget and your sense of tastes. You don’t want to skimp on quality while you’re on your vacation. Whether it’s seafood or locally prepared tacos, food can be found aplenty on Hallandale Beach. If it’s cost and convenience that you seek, while still retaining quality ingredients in your meal’s preparation, then The Taco Spot is just for you. Decorated like a seaworthy straw hut, you’ll find nothing but the freshest ingredients and flavorful taco preparations here. Health, simplicity, and convenience are key factors to choosing a good taco hut spot while you’re enjoying your afternoon on the beachfront.

If fine dining is more your style or you’re looking for a special place to take your loved one as the sun sets in the evening, then there are plenty of steakhouses to whet most any meat lover’s appetite. Bourbon Steak, Texas de Brazil, GG’s Waterfront Bar & Grill, and Adena Grill & Wine Bar are just a small handful of steakhouses that you’ll find littered along the shore. For seafood and vegetarian-friendly options, your best bet would be the fine establishment Billy’s Stone Crab, which offers seafood, American, and vegetarian-friendly dishes of the utmost quality. Don’t let the name fool you. It’s not your typical crab shack and it offers a truly fine dining experience without being too terrible on the wallet.

The glittering nightlife might be more your style. If so, there’s always the Tatiana Club & Restaurant. This fantastically decorated lounge experience offers its guests a very different dining experience. You’ll have the options of Russian, European, and Eastern European cuisine with live shows on stage every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. The bar scene is also quite active during the week here.

If this isn’t enough to whet your appetite, try one of these other night owl options:

  • The Tipsy Boar
  • Taverna Opa
  • Amsterdam Bar & Restaurant
  • The 80s Disco Club Bar & Grill Restaurant

An Alternative Daytime Choice

Why not test out your quick thinking abilities with a unique experience with your friends and family and try out something new for a change? One of Miami Beach’s lesser known attractions is an escape the room challenge that will really get the creative juices flowing during your stay. Code to Escape is Florida’s number one room escape activity, which is a physical location in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Just a short walk from the Hallandale Beach Boardwalk, you can team up in teams of 2 to 5 people and spend 60 minutes using your mind powers combined to find a way out. It’s a quick and fun thing to do in the afternoon and can add a fun spin on a first date or group outing.