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It is vacation time, and you are thinking of flights and hotels to book. If so, then Miami should very much be on your mind. There are numerous luxury hotels on Miami Beach. For those who want a feeling of being at home away from home, then short term rentals Miami Beach are also available at affordable prices.

Apart from the luxury living facilities, Miami has a lot to offer. The city is filled with multicultural communities who make the stay interesting. There are also various great sites to visit, not forgetting the beach itself.
The city also has an entirely different nightlife. If you do decide to stay at a luxury hotels on Miami Beach, then it is likely that you will get a good chance to sample this life since some of the hotels have nightclubs within their vicinity.

If you are yet to decide on whether you should visit Miami, here are two main reasons to consider before planning your trip.

People and Places

Miami has a large population of Latin Americans. Therefore, it would be a great place to show off your Spanish speaking skills. However, if you haven’t had time to practice your Spanish, you shouldn’t be worried much since English is still a common language here, although knowing a bit of basic Spanish would go a long way in making this a memorable visit.

Most of the neighborhoods in the area are also safe to visit. Places such as Wynwood have been gentrified and now serve as the art district of the city. Here you will find colored walls, art galleries, and trendy, artistic restaurants. If you feel like exploring more parts of the city, here is a list of other places you should visit:

These are all places with artistic scenery and great beaches with a variety of marine parks.

Hotels and Traffic

There are numerous hotels in the city that cater for the millions of tourists who visit every year. Conduct ample research on the type of accommodation you wish to book. The choices range from hipster hotels to luxury resorts. You can also opt for a fully furnished short term rentals Miami Beach if you wish to stay longer. These rentals give you more freedom over your stay, making you feel like one of the locals.

Traffic should also be a factor in your decision on where to stay when booking your accommodation. Many of the drivers in the city are not so courteous so be prepared for a hectic time on the road especially if you are from Europe where there is more courtesy on the roads.

If traffic puts you off, then it is better to stay near Downtown Miami and the South Beach. These locales are filled with restaurants, clubs, and boutiques among many other business entities that you would wish to visit all in proximity. Thus, you won’t have to sit in traffic for long before you get to your destination.