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Located on Florida’s southeastern tip, Miami is considered to be an international city, being frequented by tourists from all over the world. The city has been influenced by its Spanish conquistadores, and its structures have a striking resemblance to that of Cuba. Calle Ocho, in Little Havana, which is a popular destination for tourists, houses cafes and cigar stores that showcases colonial Spanish architecture.

The city also has a number of barrier islands where one could swim on its calm, turquoise waters. Biscayne Bay, located in Miami Beach, draws a lot of tourists every year because of its famed South Beach. Art deco buildings painted in vibrant colors, surfing schools, white sand beaches and nightclubs are just some of the things that can be found in this side of Miami. There are still lots in store for tourists, and the tourism industry of Miami just keeps on moving upward.

What to See in Miami

Miami is divided into several districts, which showcases different attractions for tourists to enjoy. The following districts are:

  • Downtown District – this district encompasses the Central Business District, Brickell, Omni and Park West. It is the commercial, financial and cultural center of Southern Florida, and is home to a huge number of museums, parks, banks, corporate headquarters, educational institutions, shopping centers, restaurants and the city’s oldest buildings.
  • North District – this district includes the vibrant Design District, which is an artist hub, and Little Haiti, which is an immigrant community. The districts of Upper Eastside, Midtown and Overtown can also be found inside the North District.
  • West and South District – this district have the city’s biggest attractions, and encompasses Little Havana, West Miami, Coral Way, Coconut Grove and Kendall. The culture in this part of the city has been influenced heavily by the colonial Spanish era, and it is evident in the structures found throughout the district.
  • Miami Beach – in reality, Miami Beach is a different city from Miami, but tourists consider it as a part of Miami. Miami Beach is home to white sand beaches and surfing schools.

Accommodations in Miami

Visitors would never have a problem regarding the accommodation options inside the city. They have the choice of staying inside a hotel, renting a property, or even couch surfing. For upper class tourists, they can stay inside a number of luxury hotels in Miami Beach.

These luxury hotels in Miami Beach often have spacious rooms, designed to satisfy their guests, and may come with butler service and other opulent services. These hotels also come with facilities such as swimming pools, bars, restaurants, fitness centers and recreational areas among others. For middle class tourists and backpackers on a budget, they can just look for vacation rentals in Miami Beach through third party applications like Airbnb.

These apps offer promotions and discounts, making the price of the properties cheaper. Vacation rentals in Miami Beach sometimes have facilities similar to hotels, like swimming pools and fitness centers, and the feel will be just like your own home. There are also a number of budget friendly hotel in the city, often having the same facilities as luxury hotels. Lastly, one would try their luck with couch surfing, where in strangers would sleep inside another stranger’s home, exchanging cultures in the process.