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If you’re hoping to break in that condo rental in Miami but haven’t had much of a reason to quite dedicate your time to the trip, then look no further. There are tons of reasons you should look into spending time in Miami this summer. Condo rentals in Miami have never been more affordable, either!

If you and your significant other are barely beneath the line for one of those high quality vacation rentals in Miami Florida, then consider going in on a group rental, where you and one or two other friends and your significant other can rent the place out and enjoy your time in the wild night life of Miami for a week or two! With your powers combined, you can plan to go in on a shared condo rental in Miami. It’s hardly a party without three or more friends. After that, it’s all a matter of figuring out where you will best spend your time in Miami. Just where do you start in such a lively city, anyway?

Decide What You’re Looking For

It could be that you’re in town to take in the night clubbing life in Miami but there’s also the possibility that you’re more interested in a family-oriented trip. Miami offers the best of both worlds and you’re sure to find something for everyone, all within walking and driving distance of your vacation rentals in Miami Florida. As long as you know what you want in an attraction or landmark to visit in Miami, you’ll be all set to going out there and discovering everything the city has to offer you.

Just a few things to ask yourself and your group before deciding on a place to check out:

  • How busy is it during certain times of the day?
  • What are their opening and closing hours/days of business?
  • Are there good reviews or bad reviews about the business online by other vacationers?
  • What kind of experience are you hoping to get out of your visit?
  • Is it near any good places to eat or drink?

A Handful of Notable Places in Miami

If it’s a thrilling time you’re after before the sun goes down, you can check out one of Miami’s famous Speedboat Sightseeing companies. You’re sure to get a little bit of everything zipping around Miami’s coastline in style. Look into Jungle Island or Villa Vizcaya on Biscayne Bay, just a few of Miami’s popular sights to visit, with the help of an experienced captain and knowledgeable tour guide. Not only does this promise some fun times but you’ll also be adding beautiful, blue ocean pictures of the coastline to your social media account by the end of the day.

If walking around to take in the sights at a much slower pace is your idea of a good time, the Bayside Marketplace is an absolute must to go visit. You’ll find some interesting things and end up leaving with something new and unique to take home to show your family and friends. The same applies to the unique Wynwood Arts District, where you can snap some unique pics of art made by some of the most creative minds in Miami and elsewhere.