If you’re looking for Miami’s best Peruvian food, La Perla stands out among the city’s best Peruvian restaurants for both quality and consistency. It’s true that there are other good restaurants out there for both Peruvian cuisine as well as seafood, but few can match La Perla in terms of always providing great food and excellent service.

La Perla is a great place to dine out and is accessible from a number of Miami luxury hotels – so you can make your stay in Miami memorable. Perusing the reviews of the place online reveals that it’s wildly popular with its customers, and locals love the place for its great authentic food and helpful staff. It’s hard to pick just one thing off the menu when so many stand out, but given how much people seem to like the place you can rest assured that whatever you get will be good.

The best place for Peruvian food in Miami

If you’re staying in one of those luxury vacation rentals in Miami, you’ll want to make it a memorable stay with great food. Peruvian cuisine has a lot of seafood dishes, so if you’re seafood lover then you’ll probably like the food at La Perla – they’ve got an array of seafood specialities including all sorts of different styles of ceviche as well as plenty of cooked seafood items. If fish just isn’t your thing, you’ll still enjoy the selection at La Perla because there are plenty of beef and chicken dishes to choose from as well.

You might dismiss this place just because you don’t like Mexican food, but then you really ought to give it a chance because Mexican and Peruvian cuisines are nothing alike and Latin American food is actually quite diverse. Peruvian cuisine has a lot of influences from other cuisines as well, so it might not be anything like what you’d assume. If you’re new to Peruvian cuisine, you shouldn’t hesitate to order from La Perla because the staff are known to be helpful to those who have never tried Peruvian food before.
The specialities at La Perla include:

• Authentic ceviche from various types of seafood
• Parihuela
• Authentic desserts like picarones and beverages like chicha morada
• Tacu tacu de lomo saltado

Authentic food in Miami

There are a lot of Miami luxury hotels, so if you decide to go there for vacation or wind up in the city for business purposes you can rest assured that there are a lot of authentic restaurants where you can get food from virtually any part of the world. La Perla is one of several Peruvian restaurants and it stands out as one of the best, but you do have other options for dining out when you’re staying in one of the luxury vacation rentals in Miami – perhaps a good itinerary would be to try out La Perla one day, and then go for authentic Cuban food the next. Miami has a lot of great food and while maybe the beach is what brought you to visit the city, it may well be your palette that keeps you coming back.