World renowned Chef Rainer Becker opened Zuma restaurant in Miami, Florida. He has already been applauded for his work in Istanbul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai, and London. To experience his izakaya-style modern Japanese food you must show up in smart casual dress code. Don’t let the dress code turn you away; the food is a once in a lifetime experience. As you sit and explore the provided dining experience, waiters will continuously bring food out for enjoyment. They offer a private dining room that can seat up to 24 guests, besides the regular dining area. The entire restaurant is elegantly designed by designer Noriyoshi Muramatsu.

There are earth tones, wood pieces and bamboo decorating the entire interior. If you sit in the regular dining area you will have the pleasure of enjoying the cooks do their work over a flame. If you have never tried shochu, or are familiar with it and have a craving; they make their own fresh shochu and it’s the best in all of Miami. They also feature an entire sake bar and lounge. In addition to the sake and shochu, they also carry 365 different wines to choose from. Their menu has unique modern takes on Japanese dishes ranging from appetizers, soups, salads, robata grill items, tempura, sushi, sashimi, and a long list of Zuma only dishes.

Luxury Dining & Hotel Experience

If you’re dreaming of staying at a luxury hotel in miami and have a love for Japanese food, you’ll be excited to find out that it’s located inside the Kimpton Epic Hotel located in the heart of Miami. This luxury hotel in miami features Zuma Restaurant and so many other enjoyable opportunities.

  • Area 31; a breathtaking restaurant located on the 16th floor where you will get waterfront views and the chance to look out upon the city. They are proud to offer fresh seafood and ocean inspired dishes with a Southern Florida flare.
  • Exhale Spa; an opportunity to experience soothing spa therapy or join a class to release any stress you’re harboring.
  • Lilt Lounge; a very modern, luxurious relaxation space where you can enjoy a Lilt-Only drink, meet other guests in the area and potentially enjoy a live concert show.
  • Wedding Options; Their menu is designed by the chef of Area 31. If you enjoy their delicious menu items you’ll be as equally pleased if they cater your wedding.
  • EPIC Engagement Guru; if you host your wedding at Kimpton Epic Hotel they have an “Engagement Guru” named Mauricio Rodriguez
 to help you with all the complicated things that go into having a wedding.


If you would rather stay at one of the vacation rentals in miami, Florida, but don’t want to lose the chance to eat at the renowned Zuma restaurant there are a large variety of them to choose from. The wonderful thing about Zuma being in the heart of Miami is that there are always other lodging options nearby. For example, if you decide to host your wedding at the Kimpton Epic Hotel your guests will have the opportunity to also choose a vacation rentals in miami.

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