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The city of Miami remains one of the most popular destinations in the entire U.S. for people who want to enjoy a range of cultural highlights and take part in the vibrant nightlife the city has to offer. Whether you choose to stay in a short term rental in Miami or one of the luxury hotels in Miami Beach, there is much to enjoy in any of the stunning areas that make up Miami and its beaches.

One of the most appealing reasons for visiting Miami is the excellent shopping opportunities that are often found in stunning locations that include street based arts for the visitor to enjoy. A vacation package is always a good option as bundling a number of factors together in your stay will make it easy to enjoy the plentiful sunshine and amazing attractions Miami has to offer.

Choosing The Luxury Of Miami Beach

Mention Miami Beach to any person looking for a package vacation and they will probably look to explain how enjoyable any visit to this opulent and vibrant cultural center of Miami is to visit. Once you have chosen a package from one of the luxury hotels in Miami Beach it is easy to lose yourself in the amazing range of activities to be enjoyed in this area, which is well known for the individual design of Miami Modern buildings that line the streets and are preserved for future generations; North Beach may not be as well known as the vibrant cultural scene of its southern neighbor yet the more sedate pace of life in North Beach allows visitors to explore the region and gain a greater understanding of the area.

A great starting point for any visitor to Miami Beach is the Art Deco Welcome Center that directs visitors to a range of different historic sites, galleries, and cultural centers that reflect the architectural history of one of the world’s most famous neighborhoods. Other areas that can also be visited for fun with vacation packages include:

  • Surfside
  • South Dade
  • The Everglades

Vacation Packages Can Take In Miami’s Cultural And Design Heart

What to see when choosing a short term rental in Miami can be a difficult choice to make as this interconnected group of cities and neighborhoods that each have their own individual personality and reasons for being famous. A good idea is to take a trip to the Design District that has been on something of a resurgence in the last few decades; among the many different reasons for exploring the excitement of the Design District are the more than 130 galleries that can be found in this Midtown area of Florida’s most famous city.

Shopping is always a high quality option in Miami’s Design District where some of the most famous luxury names now operate stores frequented by the rich and famous. Bars and restaurants are always available for those seeking to sit back and watch the world go by in a district where an individual sense of Miami style is always welcome.